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Sounds of Witte y Solà

Those who work with me know very well. I can’t work in silence. Once I reach my office in the morning, my bluetooth speaker continues to play the music I was listening in the car. My customized radio formula in the form of Spotify lists (what a great invention) plays all day long. At all times. … Continue Reading about Sounds of Witte y Solà

Smart cost-cutting

Everyone is aware that the market is increasingly requiring companies to be more competitive. In this regard, optimizing and lowering costs the smart way is crucial. Witte y Solà, S.A. has undergone a transformation in budgetary management and control in recent years that has enabled us to make decisions in advance and correct the deviations … Continue Reading about Smart cost-cutting

IT Investments 2018

At WYS, we work with a system that uses latest-generation virtual technology with which we can adapt to the needs of the moment with our own online scalability. In 2018, we aim to provide ONLINE access to our customers and suppliers so they can get information in real time. As technology evolves, we are constantly … Continue Reading about IT Investments 2018

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