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el tubo de aluminio

The Aluminium Tube

The aluminium tube is a recyclable container, biodegradable, economical and lightweight. Its size and design facilitates the application of the products of a certain density, providing accurate dosing. During use, its shape is adapted to the content, preventing the product from air contamination.


Among other benefits, we could highlight its impact barrier agents such as light, air, water, bacteria, odours or UVA. It is an economic product and the best packaging to protect the most demanding formulas in markets like pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food or chemical industry.


Technical specifications

We currently produce a range of up to 10 different diameters that covers all needs of pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and chemical industry markets.


All internal coatings have been carefully approved and accomplish numerous national and international legal regulations. They are carefully selected in collaboration with our customers and depending on the product it has to contain.


There is a huge variety of ergonomics and esthetics caps and nozzles that give response to the exigencies in all areas of the company, from purchasing to manufacture, quality or marketing.


Our external coatings ensure accuracy in design and offer all kinds of visual and tactile finishes.

tabla especificaciones


Listening to the customer is to interpret and understand the needs which are exposed to us.

Active listening is a fundamental part of our job that allows us, reasonably quickly, to give a valued answer to your needs. Before just suppliers were needed; currently more advanced and prepared partners, engaged in the management and finding the best solution.

Each proposed project requires an ad hoc response from us with the added value that a personal assistance means.


Tailored services Tailored services

From WYS we can offer you an extensive range of products and services. Taking into account the evolving market and the specific needs of each of our customers, we listen to each of their requests, without discarding any of them.

printing Printing

We adapt the requested design to the needs of our machines. From 4-5 inkwells we develop designs depicting photos or texts with results worthy of the most modern technologies.

delivery time Delivery Time

Being quite aware that time is money, your questions are answered in the shortest time

capacity Capacity

We have 6 fast production lines controlled by Machine Vision and a production capacity of up to 180Million tubes.

Quality Quality

Our quality system is based on trust in our suppliers, as well as a series of thorough checks carried out during the manufacturing process.

Our products are manufactured and tested according to international standards.